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Accelerated is a Las Vegas, Nevada based construction company.  Locally owned and locally family operated using local forces.  We have experience in almost any type of construction that you can name.  While this site shows a few recent projects, we have lots of examples of our work history. We pride ourselves in up front honesty and integrity, we care for our customers, subcontractors and venders and live by the old fashioned value of a Hand Shake. Carl Sheets (previously Steed Bros. Construction 1981-1996) is proud of his 35 years in the Las Vegas and Clark County construction industry and will share that experience to insure a mutually successful project no matter what the complexity.

Carl has made steady progress in building a solid base of repeat customers during this very competitive  market.  Together we have established a reputation of affordable performance.

Accelerated has a (B) General Building license # 0071618 with a $3,400,000 Monetary bid limit (and eligible for one time increases).
Accelerated also has a C-4 (painting and decorating) license # 0075501 with a $250,000 limit

Between Accelerated, Carl, and our team members, we can build your project from start to finish, bottom to top, and make it a pleasant experience for you; and an economic one too.  Value is the name of our team!!!

Common Questions:

Q: Can Accelerated help me with a design build project or do you only bid after plans are done by architects?
A: Accelerated will bid from construction documents that you got from others or we can make your construction drawings as a part of our work.

Q: What plans do I need to build a tenant improvement?
A: This depends upon what work you need to build. Generally you will need drawings that show everything that you plan. For example: Tenant Improvement drawings generally have architectural pages showing new walls, electrical, plumbing and mechanical drawings showing that work. They generally don’t have exterior work so drawings showing the exterior are not needed. Some tenant improvements plan to leave existing plumbing unchanged and therefore do not need plumbing drawings.

Q: Will you propose on design build of an entire building including the drawings?
A: Yes. We do this as a two-step process. First we draw some preliminary drawings to set a base line budget and make sure what you want. Then after that is approved we create the remainder of the drawings. The drawings commonly needed include architectural pages showing new walls (inside and out), electrical, plumbing and mechanical drawings showing that work. Also your project will need structural and civil drawings.