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During March 2018 Accelerated learned that an unlicensed contractor impostor company named “Accelerated Contractors LLC” was claiming to be this company.  After obtaining a restraining order against the unlicensed contractor and litigation, we were unable to put a stop to this activity.  Therefore we have requested that the Nevada State Contractors Board put our license into voluntary “Inactive Status” at this time.  Unfortunately, this situation will remain in place until we are able to address the problem via the court system or arrests.

Please be aware that there is no other contractor company with a similar name allowed by state law.  Anyone who has paid money to a company with a similar name is asked to contact us so that we may be informed.  Anyone who is owed money by a company with a similar name should please contact us.

Court records now indicate that the perpetrators of this impostor “Accelerated” unlicensed contractor company are in the process of creating yet another business to divert business, customers and money from Accelerated Construction LLC.  If you believe that you may be the victim of this activity we ask that you contact us.

Sadly, it appears that former employees and subcontractors of Accelerated Construction LLC are probably involved with the impostor companies diverting our business.  You should always check with the contractor’s board website to see if the people that you hire are licensed properly and check with the secretary of state to verify that they really are a company.

We hope to resolve these matters shortly and return to this business.

Common Questions:

Q: Is Carl Sheets an employee or officer of this company or an associated company?
A: No.

Q: Are the address, phone number, and fax number for this company accurate?
A: Yes.

Q: Can a contractor help me with a design build project or do they only bid after plans are done by architects?
A: Most general contractors will bid from construction documents that you got from others or they can make your construction drawings as a part of the contractor’s work.

Q: What plans do I need to build a tenant improvement?
A: This depends upon what work you need to build. Generally you will need drawings that show everything that you plan. For example: Tenant Improvement drawings generally have architectural pages showing new walls, electrical, plumbing and mechanical drawings showing that work. They generally don’t have exterior work so drawings showing the exterior are not needed. Some tenant improvements plan to leave existing plumbing unchanged and therefore do not need plumbing drawings.

Q: Will most general contractors propose on a design build of an entire building including the drawings?
A: Yes. Most contractors do this as a two-step process. First they draw some preliminary drawings to set a base line budget and make sure of what you want. Then after that is approved they create the remainder of the drawings. The drawings commonly needed include architectural pages showing new walls (inside and out), electrical, plumbing and mechanical drawings showing that work. Also your project will need structural and civil engineering drawings.